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Stick Shift Driver Training Division

JUST DRIVER TRAINING is nationally known for the unique technique taught in the Stick Shift Driver Training program. Corporate drivers and individuals attend the course from all regions of the U.S. Our global experience in professional Stick Shift driver training provides a platform of exceptional training techniques which can be easily mastered. The ability to drive a stick shift vehicle using this technique sets the driver apart from the regular driver with additional skills for the driving environment.

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Stick Shift Driving - Manual Transmission Training from Just Driver TrainingOur Stick Shift training vehicles feature safety equipment and dual controls to assist the driver in "feeling" and gaining control of the clutch and movement of the vehicle.  We help the driver understand how the manual transmission drive-train works and focus on safety with smooth, economical driving techniques. The Stick Shift training course consists of one-on-one training to optimize learning and co-ordination on a manual transmission vehicle. Correct stick shift driving can only be learned in a live environment with hands-on training, in a real-time environment with a professional stick shift instructor.

Our trainers have extensive experience teaching stick shift from the large commercial trucks namely, Volvo, Peterbuilt, Freightliners with 8-10 gears, Sports vehicles - Porsche, Ferrari, Nissan, Pontiac, Mitsubishi, smaller trucks, delivery vehicles and sedans. Whether you are considering owing a 4, 5 or 6 speed, JUST DRIVER TRAINING provides the correct training for smooth operation and environment friendly driving.

Just Driver Training -Stick Shift TrainingGraham specializes in teaching a unique method to drive a stick shift vehicle.

The 2 hour course delivers all you need to know about stick shift driving. Advanced stick shift courses are available for drivers of high end sports vehicles, 4x4's, and typical sedans.

Stick Shift Driver Training is highly specialized and smooth shifting is essential in this type of driving.