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Passenger Transportation Driver Training Division

Passenger Transportation Driver TrainingJust Driver Training provides specialized driver training for the passenger transportation industry. The risks involved are high and the safety of passengers is of utmost importance. Driving a van or small passenger bus requires concentration skills and the separation of noise and distractions for the driver to be able to drive the vehicle safely. It is extremely difficult to drive a school van or bus with children onboard and to remain focused on the task. Not only is it important for the driver to be able to guide passengers onto the bus and into their seats safely but it is just as important for the driver to make sure passengers disembark safely at the designated destination. Just Driver Training provides a high standard of driver training to ensure maximum safety.

Passenger Transportation Driver TrainingStatistics on crashes with passengers onboard has become a concern as our roadways are changing as the volume of traffic becomes more intense.

Driver Training courses are customized to suit the needs of the driver and the company for whom they drive. We customize training for taxi cabs, vans, small buses, limos, and specialized buses with lifts for disabled passengers. We have a program specifically designed for teachers who are required to drive daycare passenger vans.

Passenger Transportation Driver Training


Just Driver Training provides driver evaluations for pre-hiring opportunities and a report is presented to the owner after a full evaluation is completed.