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JUST DRIVER TRAINING provides a great learning experience for 4x4 owners. We offer basic off-road driving skills, overcoming common obstacles, recovery methods and help you understand how a 4WD works. Our 4x4 driver training teaches you to navigate trails, maneuvering your vehicle to prevent damage and roll-overs, and conserving energy and the environment. Highly qualified and specialized instructors lead the course and take 4x4 drivers and their vehicles through the terrain.

The morning begins with an informal breakfast, followed by an in-class training session on 4X4 driving and the vehicle. The training course is designed to provide information, experience and practice for owners of 4x4 vehicles. Our instructor takes drivers through the track and at intervals will hold a field classroom.  Each driver navigates his vehicle through the terrain under instruction.  Drivers recess for lunch and take to the track once again. Come and join us for a lasting experience and eventful 4x4 Fun-Day in the North Georgia Mountains.


Georgia driving school offers 4x4 tracking and training in the north georgia mountains Atlanta, Georgia driving school - 4x4 training in the north georgia mountains Atlanta driver training school - 4x4 training in the north georgia mountains
Dave teaches the group about winching on the 4x4 Fun-Day in North Georgia Dave takes 4x4 drivers through the dangers of tilting and maneuvering over rocks on the trail Lead Jeep on the Forest Trail in North Georgia


Courses are presented quarterly. If you are interested in joining us for this fun event, please contact our office at 770-363-4857. Due to popularity, it is essential to make your reservation as soon as possible. A maximum of ten vehicles is permitted per event. All drivers must hold a current driver's license and carry insurance on the vehicle. A non-refundable deposit is required when your reservation is made with the balance due one week prior to the event. Our office will provide the reservation information and driver enrollment form when you call.